The Company

Dimension Transport, based in St-Bruno in the Lac-St-Jean region, has more than 20 years of experience in the field of specialized transport. We have now become a leader across Canada from east to west. Serving the markets for lumber, metal structures, buildings, granite, construction, hardware, machinery, aluminum, etc., our team of specialists can meet the needs of our customers.

Our equipment is adapted with technological tools allowing for real time monitoring of our fleet and for a more rigorous management of deliveries, thus optimizing your transport needs.

By diversifying its activities, by always being on the lookout for new ideas and business opportunities, and by building on a culture of innovation, the company has grown exponentially over the past 10 years.

Proud to meet its commitments delivery after delivery, the company is now recognized for the quality of its service. The efficiency and importance of our logistics department contribute to this success. We have and continue to put in place vital resources to meet the ever-growing demands and needs of our customers. Timeliness, flexibility of our schedule, the high level of our quality of service, and conditions of security and safety during handling are all factors that differentiate us

Company History
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Diversification of activities

In 2012, Alexandre Brassard, President, diversified the company's activities by creating a platform trailer division. In 2015, the company acquired Transport PJS. At the same time, Marc-André Maltais, Guy Lavoie and Mario Trudel joined the company as shareholders.

  1. Mission

    Transport our customers' merchandise efficiently and safely and offer them service beyond their expectations.

  2. Vision

    Dimension Transport's dedicated and passionate team wants to stand out in the Canadian market through its exceptional service in the field of non-standard and platform trailer transport.

  3. Values

    Respect: Treat people and each environment with esteem, fairness, recognition and consideration.

    Integrity: Honor our commitments, principles and obligations.

    Rigor: Perform constant work with accuracy, precision and a concern for work methods.